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Try not to convert their bedroom, they'll be back

Parents and Family

Parents and Family always have questions about their children attending CHOU! University. Below are a few things to keep in mind:

Your Student:

  • Is still at home. Or at that other college. Basically, your student is still wherever you dropped them off last. C!U is an online university.
  • Is having fun! C!U exists to entertain and educate. If you hear otherwise, be sure to blame them for not engaging in our process.
  • Has lots of friends! C!U sorts students into Color Houses where they define themselves by arbitrary allegiances. Next time you see your student's post on Facebook about a lasagna monster, don't be alarmed. They simply want to win the Color Cup.
  • Is still earning a degree. Maybe. Call your student and ask them if they are still enrolled in that other college. Yes, it may not be as fun as C!U, but it does offer degrees that may lead to a real job. That is something we can all rally around.

Support your student

Surpise your student with a small gift from the University Bookstore. Nothing says 'I love you and you better make my investment worth it' like a shirt or pin from C!U.

University Bookstore

Not a lasagna yet?