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Office of Housing

Daniel Chou - Director

The Office of Housing provides our students with the following services:

  • Housing in Color Houses
  • Furniture for Color Houses


Color Houses

With the assistance of the Office of Admissions, C!U places incoming students into 5 Color Houses.

Color Houses earn color points by competing in seasonal celebrations. Celebrations may convey specific titles, such as Homecoming Royal, Coolest Vacation, Best Sportser, and the coveted title of Top House. The Top House earns the Color Cup. The Color House with the lowest point total is designated a Sad House.

Rainbow Road Student Housing: Click on the Color House to visit.

Current Top House
Current Sad House
grassy hill
bluehouse greenhouse purple house pink house red house RainbowRoadSign

housing furniture

The Office of Housing rewards students by furnishing their Color Houses with increasingly quality furniture.

Thanks to a partnership with the Office of Student Activities, the Office of Housing rewards Color Houses with the below furniture based on Color Points earned during Seasonal Celebrations. Furniture is awarded and color points reset at the conclusion of each celebration.

  • Earn 10 points to upgrade a random piece of existing furniture
  • Earn 15 points to earn a new piece of furniture and a random upgrade

Level 1
Bed Level 1 Dresser Level 1 PC Level 1 Pool Level 1 Sofa Level 1 Table Level 1 Trash Can Level 1 TV Level 1

Level 2
Bed Level 2 Dresser Level 2PC Level 2Pool Level 2 Sofa Level 2 Table Level 2 Trash Can Level 2 Recycle Bin Level 1 TV Level 2

Level 3
Bed Level 3 PC Level 3 Pool Level 3 Sofa Level 3 TV Level 3 Swimming Pool Level 1

Level 4
Bed Level 4 PC Level 4 Pool Level 4 Sofa Level 4 TV Level 4 Swimming Pool Level 2

Level 5
PC Level 5 Swimming Pool Level 3

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