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Welcome To The Purple House

Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.
- Regina Brett


  • Mel Kocefas. School of Animals
  • Haley Lomba. School of Christmas Studies
  • Joy Powell. School of Ethnography
  • Ryan Podolak. School of Oenology
  • Katie DeCare. School of Literature and Media
  • Mike Mueller. School of Pharmacy
  • Keegan Ammon. School of Agriculture
  • Joshua Moscatello. Emma C. Mentley School of Detectiving and Sluethery
  • Matthew Adkins. School of Foreign Languages
  • Hayley Manor. Emma C. Mentley School of Detectiving and Sluethery
  • Jacqueline Charette. School of Christmas Studies
  • Lauren Barnes. Emma C. Mentley School of Detectiving and Sluethery
  • Kayla Garrett. School of Animals
  • Analiese Schmitt. Undecided
  • Marci Chou. Undecided
  • Kayla Martin. Undecided
  • Doug "His Royal Freshness" Haltinner. Undecided
  • 17 Students

    Distinguished purples



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    fall 2013 color cup1970 Sofa Sleeping Bags Broken Can

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    Haiku. By Marci Chou
    Haikus have set rules
    We must make sure to follow
    The one true haiku