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Current students

Attending CHOU! University

So, it's finally happened. You're a student of CHOU! University! What is there to do now?

take classes

Jump right into your classes. Your selected Major has courses for you. Don't be afraid to take other courses, though. They will all count toward your General Education credits.

C!U Course List

Get Involved

Student activities are waiting for you! Visit the Office of Student Activities to learn more about your Color House's standing and how you can help win the Color Cup and the title of Top House!

Office of Student Activities


Housing is sorted into five different Color Houses. Meet your house mates on your house's Facebook group. See what furniture you have and learn how to earn more. Vie for glory during the seasonal celebrations and bring home the Color Cup!

Office of Housing


Student-inspired clubs are available for you to join in ClubSink, C!U's official and original student club software! Want to create a new club? There's a google form for that!



Not sure if you chose the right major? Explore your interests with an exhaustive inventory quiz from the Office of Academic Advising. You can also change your major!

Office of Academic Advising


Are you a wizard at one of our Schools? Do you have a Bachelors degree or similar experience in that topic? Propose a new course that you will teach and you can be a Faculty member at C!U.

Apply as Faculty or Administrators

Not a lasagna yet?