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School of literature and media

LITM 102 Fan Fiction Familiarity

Students will become familiar with the largest fan fiction resource on the web and about different types of fanfiction.

Course Description

Prof Dan has the following tips for aspiring amateur fanfic explorers:

  • Take time exploring the large collection of fanfiction
  • Start by choosing an intellectual property you like
  • Give each story a little time to soak in and decide if you like it
  • Be carefult to avoid adult content, it could turn your innocent exploration into an eye-popping disturbance

Prof Dan's final exam involves finding a fanfic you really like.

Prof Dan would like to remind all students of it's qualifications: "I wrote a few fanfics a long time ago. They were terrible. But my interest in writing has led me to some recent research and I learned it's never too late to write that big novel you've been meaning to start."

Students will be graded on the following criteria: the quality of the fanfiction you end up liking.

Quality of Fanfiction Found for Homework
A Child "Wrote" Words on a Page
Premise: Okay. Execution: Debatable
I Like Where This is Going
This Could Be Canon
Is This Officially Licensed?

Course Materials

Reading List

Introduction to Fanfiction - By

Terminology and Types Glossary - By


Scavenger Hunt - Choose your favorite thing. TV show, book, movie, etc. Search to find a fanfiction about your thing in the following categories:

  1. A continuation of the source work, post ending (ex. Harry Potter and his adult years as a Auror)
  2. Alternate universe where one key element or choice was changed (ex. What if Twilight's Bella was a boy)
  3. Universe Crossovers (When Dragon Ball Z's Goku met Superman) - Use the website to find fanfiction about your favorite thing.

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