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ETNO 103 Japanese Mythology of Okami

Students will learn of warriors and tales of feudal era Japan through the popular video game, Okami.

Course Description
Prof Goddess Amaterasu has the following tips for aspiring mythology buffs:

  • Play the game, or watch posted play-thru. The game is available for Wii and PS2.
  • Pay close attention to cutscenes
  • Read posted legends for additional information
  • Avoid stepping on Issun

Prof Goddess Amaterasu has the following comments about the syllabus:

  • We will study the following tales.
  • The legend of Susano, the greatest warrior
  • Amaterasu, the sun goddess
  • Issun, the one inch boy
  • Orochi, the eight headed serpent

Prof Goddess Amaterasu's final exam involves students saving feudal era Japan through the paws of her mystical wolf form.

Prof Goddess Amaterasu presents the following qualifications for this course: "I have owned and played every game in the short Okami series. I have even done projects using Okami to explain Japanese mythology in the real world. Also, I can do a barrel roll!"

Students will be graded on the following criteria: highest level of achievment accomplished in the video game OR having witnessed said highest achievment in the playthrough videos.

Game Achievment
Eat Issun
Drink from the 8 Purification Sake, and take a nap
Defeat Orochi
Collect all brush techniques
Defeat the Dark Lord Yami and summon the sun
Percentage of Grade

Class Materials
Susanoo the Storm God. Quickly learn about Prof Goddess Amaterasu's brother.
Goddess Amaterasu. Quickly learn the mythological sigificance of Prof Goddess Amaterasu herself.

Issun the One Inch Samurai. Quickly learn about the one inch samurai legend, sometimes referred to as the 'Tom Thumb' of Japanese culture.

Yamata no Orochi. Quickly learn about the mythological story and actual historical significance of the eight-headed serpent monster.

Okami on Wikipedia. Quickly learn about the video game inspiring this course.

Okami Gameplay "Let's Play". Watch the whole game in a series of videos. The introduction video of the series is below.

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