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Works in Progress

Viral. A super hero novelette. First draft complete.

A second pandemic will kill every infected mother during childbirth unless a teen and her father canunravel the inner machinations of the The Genetic Orphanage. Still trying ot mater her power to briefly see into the future, Risa puts the kibosh on a team of theives. But her involvemnet puts her family in danger, forced to confront her family's trauma to secure the future of billions.

The Memory Train. A mystery novelette. First draft complete.

With no memory, Ben awakes in a traincar arriving in a secluded western cowboy town. Before he can even get his bearings, he's conscripted into a conflict for the safety of the West, America, and perhaps history itself. After a bizare orientation, sorting through a box of mystery trinkets, and several firefights later, pieces of his memory emerge and he finds himself a volunatary prisoner in serach of someone very dear. But will she accept his help to escape?

Culling. YA sci-fi adventure novel series. Still writing content.

Global warming: solved by the orbiting international solar shade. World hunger: a memory thanks to food atomizers. Robotic assistants: on the precipice of a breakthrough thanks to a plethora of public/private partnerships racing to develop true artificial intelligence. Then what is the University of Southern Iowa worried about when the tech company LiveInteractive delivers the experimental update for their administrative AI product NVDAAS? Enrollment is up, student satisfaction is at an all-time high, and all thanks to Invidias' decade-long role as the college administrative controller. But since when has the AI disagreed with the university's president? And what is it planning with a rogue IT director intersted in illegal hardware modifications? College students Simon, Evelyn, and Alana had enough stress trying to avoid the culling of their class ranks at the end of each year. Now they're being drawn into a global conflict by a nervous professor and his secret, pet AI intent on stopping Invidias before they realize their dream of becoming a more perfect human than we ever could be.


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