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Seventeen-year-old Red’s desert colony at the edge of the galaxy has been isolated for nearly a millennium. No one knows what happened to the civilization they left behind and this is why the Rover Order searches for clues. As a member of the Order, Red investigates the mysterious steel arches that link her world to ancient Earth and her task beckons her curiosity despite the Order’s strict rules. But when an arch unexpectedly calls for Red to step inside, she seizes the opportunity to challenge the Order and finally be known for more than her family’s generational shame.

Transported haphazardly across the stars, Red greets travelers hailing from an entire galaxy of fascinating societies. No longer hidden, humanity’s truth will challenge everything she knows. And one other surprise awaits her, an intergalactic war machine on the brink of destroying everything they hold dear.

Can Red and her new friends put aside their differences long enough to rally the galaxy? And will she find her way home?



First edition published by: CHOU! Books, 2023. Author: Daniel G. Chou. Substantiative Editor: Greta Henderson. Copy Editor: Marci Chou. Cover artist: Daniel G. Chou & DALL-E 2


"Hooked after the first chapter! Engaging and thought provoking, the strong female lead is fueled by curiosity and a craving for adventure!"
--Goodreads review by reader Halley Gibbs. 5/5 stars

"What a great read."
--Goodreads review by reader Fi Kidd. 5/5 stars

"Vibrant Steel promises to be a riveting journey filled with adventure, introspection, and mystery."
--All Ages of Geek reporter Ryder Sterling

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