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Federation space officer Aria Pantel's is haunted by actions of her past and forever being hassled by the arrogant Dr. Hansel Heinrich, a lover turned pain in the ass from the Academy. She wants to stick it to all her haters, yet her universe begins to spiral down a black hole when an unidentified ship of alarming origin blasts across her bow and risks destroying the fledgling humanoid settlement on the planet below that she's grown quite fond of. It couldn't be the Quillian aliens, not seen since they lost the war a decade ago, right? Such a thought might send Aria back to her vices.

Will she open herself to resources that can heal her heart, save the settlement, and all the while keeping Hansel from mucking it all up?


Paperback (anticipated Q4, 2023) : Amazon KDP
eBook (anticipated Q4, 2023) : Smashwords(epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, html), Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Barns and Noble NOOK


Draft edition published by: CHOU! Books, 2023. Author: Daniel G. Chou. Copy Editor: Marci Chou. Cover artist: Daniel G. Chou

Formerly named under the draft title Space, Sex & Therapy


"Fantastic worldbuilding that leads to an immersive Sci-fi world, paired with a realistic depiction of bitter exes forced to work together for the greater good. Would love to know if they get back together in future!"
--Silver winner of the WPC #249, Feburary 21, 2022


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Daniel G. Chou